What makes a Harmony at Home Music Teacher So Valuable?

At Harmony at Home Music, we hire only the best and brightest teachers in the industry. To keep our commitment to quality, each teacher must go through a detailed screening process.

Upon receiving each application, we carefully review the teacher’s resume and qualifications – but, an impressive resume does not necessarily mean a good music teacher! Teachers must complete two online application forms and we also listen to audio samples they send us (which is always a treat!). If we are satisfied, a phone interview is conducted, and then finally a face-to-face meeting!

After a new teacher is selected to be part of the team, we go on to do a background check through mybackcheck.com, as well as reference checks, and other applicable screenings.

See below for more detail about the qualities that we look to ensure that we hire only the highest caliber teachers!

Musical Skill

puzzle_orangeHaving a teacher with an exceptional level of musical skill, allows the student to see what is possible, if they themselves commit to a life-long pursuit of musical excellence. It also provides the student insight into things like performing experience and instrument care, which could be overlooked by someone with less experience. Highly skilled musicians can spot and solve any problem areas quickly and effectively, helping increase the child’s confidence. Many of our teachers perform regularly at some amazing venues, and their ‘music families’ are welcome to attend these world-class events!


puzzle_maroonQualities such as enthusiasm, dedication, positivity and the ability to get along with kids are paramount to the success of any teacher.  These traits help make the lessons more enjoyable; after all, music is supposed to be a fun and rewarding! Additionally, having a flexible personality allows the teacher to adapt their approach to fit the student, not the other way around. This helps to accommodate the different set of goals each student has, to make the lessons as effective as possible.


puzzle_greenThere are many gifted musicians who are not effective teachers. Having such a teacher can be detrimental to a student’s learning experience; making skills seem impossible to achieve, frustrating both the teacher and student. Teachers with the background to excel at teaching ensures the student be given the best chance possible to reach their full potential. Communication is equally important when it comes to the teacher’s ability to communicate with parents, letting them know about practice requirements, etc. as well as relaying information that may allow them to help in their child’s musical journey.


puzzle_blueAt Harmony at Home Music, we feel that the role of a music teacher, is not only important to the child’s musical development, but also to their overall development with their friends, in school, in other activities and in their daily life. We choose teachers who also serve as role models and mentors for their students, and who are leaders in the community. It is very important that the teacher sets a good example for their student, and helps the child to grow as a person, as well as musically!

Meet The Teacher, at No Cost To You!

Feeling comfortable with your teacher is important: After all, they will visit every week, and in some ways become a member of your extended family.

This is why we offer a no obligation trial lesson. It provides an opportunity to meet with the teacher, and allows them to assess the needs of the student. After that lesson, you will be able to move forward with weekly lessons with confidence.

Thorough Screening & Background Check

Our thorough vetting process does not end when the interviews are over and references checked. After being selected, each candidate undergoes a comprehensive background check though Sterling Backcheck, as well as a police background check if applicable. If you’d like to know more, please contact us.

The best way to find out whether our teachers are a great fit for you is to try out a FREE LESSON.