The Importance of Performance

Performing in front of family and friends is not only a wonderful way to connect to those that mean the most to us, it is also a valuable tool for any music student to use as a goal while they practice.

Every year, our recitals encourage students of all skill levels to take to the stage for their family and friends. Even beginner students participate at every recital, occasionally with their teachers. Our job has and will always be to make these recitals fun and intimate affairs – there’s no pressure, and everyone is there to support one another. And performance sections are kept as short as possible, so the audience is smaller and they are easier to squeeze into your busy lives.

Performance Videos

Every year, we have a professional videographer on hand to capture each and every performance. It allows us to share these moments with family and friends who couldn’t make it, and is something we can keep as a memento of the student’s achievement.

Below is a small selection of videos from our past recitals! The next recital is coming up on Sunday, February 12th, 2017!

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