If you are a teacher who has passion and talent, WE ARE HIRING!

At Harmony at Home Music, our goal is to find passionate music teachers who are able to foster their students’ musical abilities and to also serve as mentors and role models. A child’s music teacher is one of the most important people in their life, and it is so important that the student and teacher form a special bond, allowing the student to reach his or her potential.

When hiring teachers for Harmony at Home Music, we take time and care in selecting the very best teachers who possess all the right qualities necessary to ensure that every student has the most amazing experience learning music.

A Harmony at Home teacher is someone who sets an example for their students, through music as well as mentorship. If you think that this describes you, then continue reading.

Why Teach for Harmony at Home Music?

By teaching with Harmony at Home Music, you are offered the opportunity to share your musical talents and abilities with students within traveling distance of your neighbourhood. Not only are your students close-by to you, but they are also matched with you based on their musical goals and skill level as well as other considerations.

With Harmony at Home Music, you are offered the chance to teach as few or as many students as you would like, based on your schedule. Some teachers are only looking to teach 1 or 2 students, while others want a full schedule. When a new student is considered to be a ‘match’ for you based on your area/instrument as well as other considerations – you will be notified. You can decide whether you would like to take on new students on a case by case basis.

Unlike at other schools, Harmony at Home Music has a non-rigid approach to teaching. We know that you will do your best when you are given the freedom to use your own unique teaching style and choose your own material/content.  You are responsible for finding out what your students want to learn, by continually asking them about musical goals, and finding out what your student loves most about music, and then using this information to help come up with the lesson plans. When it comes to material – this is completely up to you and the student!

Harmony at Home offers a set of policies & procedures which makes the process of teaching music as easy and streamlined as possible. There are guidelines to be followed, which families and teachers are both aware of – these processes eliminate any confusion when changes to the regular schedule do arise.

As a Harmony at Home Music teacher, you are considered to be a private contractor, and not an employee. Harmony at Home Music does not make any deductions on your payments. The amount you earn through Harmony at Home Music is ‘before tax.’ You can write off your own expenses as a private contractor on your taxes, to offset your income (see a tax professional for further information).

When it comes to payments, Harmony at Home will do your payments at the end of each month via direct deposit, as well as take care of all payments from families. We will ensure that you are paid at the end of each month for lessons taught – even if there are outstanding amounts owing from families. We will take care of the business side of things, so that you can focus on what you do best – teaching!

To begin the application process, please fill out the form by following the link below.