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Our Philosophy

At Harmony at Home Music, we believe that learning music has benefits that can last a lifetime, and it our goal to be able to provide you and your family with a music education that is tailored to suit your unique needs. We hand-pick only the very best teachers, and take great pride in making your entire experience with music lessons one of simplicity, ease and joy. Thank you for letting us share in your family’s musical journey!

The Harmony at Home Music Team

Our Team

Meet the people who keep Harmony at Home running

Sarah Dylan

Founder and happy customer maker

Sarah Dylan’s experience spans both the teaching and performance worlds.  Since 2007, she has taught hundreds of students across Toronto (privately and through various schools and organizations), and has also performed at many of Toronto’s top venues including Massey Hall, Koerner Hall and the Opera House.

As a student, Sarah studied under Paul Kilburn, (who studied under Glenn Gould), as well as Ingrid Fistell (who was in the original Phantom of the Opera). In addition to these two top-notch teachers, Sarah also had lessons from many other teachers, learning the ins and outs of what it means to be a great music teacher.  The idea of Harmony at Home was forming, even before Sarah knew it!

Sarah’s dream of creating a music school, providing in-home lessons, with the highest calibre teachers, became a reality in 2012. Not only was Sarah interested in finding the best and brightest music teachers, but also in providing the highest quality service, which she personally provides to each Harmony at Home family.   Her personal touch helps to ensure that every family has the most positive experience possible, and it is this commitment to customer service that plays a large role in why most of our business comes from word of mouth.

If you enjoy the personal touch and commitment to our customers that guides our entire company, that’s Sarah’s touch.  Sarah is here 24/7 to take care of all your customer service needs!

Patrick Scopick

Creator of nice-looking things

Patrick Scopick began working with Harmony at Home Music as a media and branding consultant in the early stages, and has since become an integral part of the team.  Between web-design, graphics, and creating marketing materials, Patrick wears many hats in the Harmony at Home world.

Together, Patrick and Sarah share the job of teacher recruitment and hiring. We feel that is important for both Patrick and Sarah to meet and get to know each teacher.  Patrick’s knack for all things technical, compliments Sarah’s ‘customer service’ abilities, and together they make a great team!

Although you probably won’t meet Patrick, you will definitely get to enjoy some of his beautiful design work. (If you are enjoying browsing our website, he is to blame)!

Chris Fielding

Data genius and customer psychic

Chris Fielding is, for lack of a better term, a data guru.  He holds an MBA Degree from McMaster University, and also has several years under his belt in the corporate world, working with complex systems, in the field of ‘data management and analysis.’ Christopher’s education and experience, allowed him to take the Harmony at Home ‘back-end’ to a whole new level!

From billing, to scheduling, to teacher payments – Christopher’s job is to create and maintain the systems that keep everything running, every-day, error-free.  He also ensures that these systems are user-friendly and easy-to-run, so that we are able to effectively manage our clients and give each family the attention that they deserve.

OUR STORY: How it all Began

Sarah Dylan, the founder of Harmony at Home Music, began teaching guitar, piano, and singing back in 2007, after studying music extensively since childhood.   At first she taught at studios, summer camps, and the like – but was soon getting requests to do in-home visits. By 2012, Sarah was visiting over 35 families each week, and although she wanted to teach all the students who wanted lessons with her – this just wasn’t possible.

It became obvious that parents and students were getting busier and busier, but still wanting to find a way to fit in the time for a high-quality music education. It was also clear that parents wanted their children to receive one-one instruction, rather than be one of many students trying to get a music education in a regular school program!

So – Sarah began her search for like-minded, fun, enthusiastic, qualified, and passionate music teachers who were willing and able to travel to students’ homes, and one-by-one, she found them! These first few teachers were the foundation of Harmony at Home Music!

There are many people out there who call themselves music teachers, but few who meet the criteria to teach for Harmony at Home. Sarah’s extensive experience both studying and teaching music allows her to hand-pick only the very best teachers!

It is Sarah’s philosophy that a music education is one of the most important facets of a child’s early life. There are also numerous studies showing that the earlier a music education is begun – the more beneficial it can be to the student in the long run.

Sarah was lucky enough to receive a music education from a very young age, her mom being a piano teacher, as well as the founder of Toronto’s 1st ‘mom & baby’ music program! Knowing how beneficial this was to her, she felt that it was important for children to be able to learn music as early as possible. At home, parents can sit it on the lessons, or be in the next room, whereas at a studio, the child would be left alone with the teacher – not something a lot of parents feel comfortable with, especially when it comes to their young child!

The one constant throughout Sarah’s life was the ability to pick up an instrument and play, or start singing. When life threw its curve balls, there was always music to fall back on, whether it was the private lessons, choir practices, orchestra rehearsals, songwriting, or preparing for the next performance.

At Harmony at Home Music, we truly believe that music changes lives and it our goal to be able to provide a high quality, enjoyable music education to you and your family!